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A bunion is a painful deformity of the big toe joint. Pain can be present within the joint, or you may have pain and redness on the side of the joint.

The painful bump you see and feel is actually the head of the first metatarsal which is no longer in proper alignment.

A podiatrist may recommend larger shoes, sandals, or custom orthotics depending on the patients foot type and severity of the deformity. Surgery is usually recommended for patients that are having pain and when the deformity starts limiting activities and affecting a patients lifestyle.

Surgical improvement of bunions is the only solution to correct the alignment. Many different types of bunionectomies are utilized by podiatric surgeons. We take into account several different factors when determining which procedure will be the appropriate one for you. We take into account your foot type, the severity of your deformity, degenerative changes, and in some cases age may be a factor.

Bunions are a hereditary condition. Wearing improper or tight fitting shoes can aggravate a bunion deformity, however shoe wear does not cause bunion deformities.

During your first visit, it is necessary to take a set of x-rays for us to properly evaluate your deformity. There are different recovery periods for each type of bunion procedure performed. During your consultation, Dr. Ribald will provide you with all the necessary details, and answer all of your questions so that you may make an informed decision on the treatment options available for your condition.