Welcome to Our Practice!

My name is Dr. Max Ribald, and I have been in practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth region for over 40 years treating infants, great grandparents, and everyone in between. As a Texas podiatrist, I specialize in general foot care, foot surgery, and have a particular interest in heel pain. I am also an expert on bunion correction and offer revision (‘re-do’) bunion surgery. I use dissolvable pins rather than screws and plates to treat this common condition. Click here to see the difference in bunion surgery techniques.

Some of the most common concerns that I treat are ingrown and deformed toenails, warts, fungus, and hereditary (it runs in the family) issues like bunions, hammertoes and flat feet. For those of you who are athletes, growing pains can commonly affect you heels and arches. I also offer second opinions if you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions.

For elderly patients, thick and deformed toenails are common place, as well as corns and calluses. Long term painful big toe joints can become stiff with lumps and bumps, and seasonal dry skin is also quite common.

Our office is located in Arlington, TX. Our friendly staff is bilingual and can accommodate Spanish-speaking patients. My staff and I look forward to providing you with highest quality personalized foot care available.

Remember….you don’t have to live with foot or ankle pain. If you need a podiatrist in Arlington, TX, please contact our offices today to schedule an appointment with your local foot & ankle specialist.